In 1974 I inherited a collection of sepia 3×5 postcards from my dad, James O. Ogle (1926-1974). I believe his dad Orlando (1899-1972) must have given them to him. None of the photos unfortunately has any names or dates or other notes, but most show my grandfather Orlando Ogle. His parents were William Henry Ogle, who died in 1901, and Mary Elizabeth Pearson, who died in 1920. It was common around the turn of the century for itinerant photographers to visit rural communities to take photos. –Ginger Ogle 11/9/00

In 2002, I connected with some descendants of Mary Elizabeth Pearson’s family, Brandy Pearson Bigley and Barry Eiland, who have both done extensive work on the Pearson side. Barry has many old photos from Mary Elizabeth Pearson’s family, including some of the same ones I have. He has been kind enough to send me copies and some of these appear on the website. – Ginger Ogle 3/30/2003