Ogle Family Photos

1908: Mary Eliz. Pearson & her 8 children

This photo was probably taken in 1908 based on the babies’ likely ages. Mary Elizabeth Pearson sits a chair with her youngest, John Henry, and is flanked on either side by her two married daughters, Alice and Rosa. Alice’s daughters Nettie and Eva were born in 1906 and 1908, and Rosa’s daughter Flora was born in 1907.

Back row L-R: Orlando Ogle (9), Julia Ogle (12), Bessie Ogle (14), Janie Ogle (16), Rufus Ogle (17), Will Parris
Front row L-R: Mal Willingham holding Nettie(2), Alice Ogle Willingham (20) holding Eva (0), John Henry Ogle (7), M.E. Pearson Ogle (40), Rosa Ogle Parris (21) holding Flora Parris (1)